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Shanghai Pu Shang Shang Trading Co., Ltd.Alliance speed must be Shanghai Pu Shang Trading Co., Ltd. 's brand, the main services have custom-made Suzhou handmade shoes, Suzhou leather shoes customization, Suzhou High-end handmade shoes customization, custom leather shoes manufacturers, handmade leather shoes customization, Shanghai handmade shoes customization, Shanghai leather shoes customization, Shanghai High-end leather shoes customization, custom-made men's shoes, private leather shoes customization, handmade leather shoes, Men's handmade shoes, and so on, founded in 2009 in Shanghai, with traditional craftsmanship as a foothold at the root, focusing on personalized high-quality private customization, now has a number of entity stores, partners covering Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other major cities. It has been nearly ten years since the establishment of the alliance, witnessed the Chinese handmade shoe customization industry from the initial small workshop customization to now take shape of the growth process, but from the whole market, the size of the handmade footwear industry is far less than its brother industry: "Custom-made suit", handmade shoes market potential is far from being developed. The reason is that the manual shoe customization threshold is high, with a full set of handmade shoes customization technology enterprises are few. With the development of society, the rising middle class, the demand and recognition of handmade shoes, handmade footwear industry will be in the near future to show an explosive growth.